Each gene has a different dynamic-range of its expression

Gene Expression Commons provides dynamic-range of each gene by meta analysis of thousands of microarray data. By mapping your data onto it, you can profile absolute expression of any gene on the microarray.

Goodbye, profiling relative difference of gene expression in pari-wise comparison.

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566 cell types

Many cell types including Weissman Lab mouse hematopoiesis series and ImmGen series are publicly available. Recent additions are...

hSSCs from bone marrow of femoral head from 72 yo female 5 months ago
Adult hSSC from bone marrow of femoral head 5 months ago
P5GP 19 Wk 5 months ago
HY no# SSC 5 months ago
HA no# SSC 5 months ago
Aged Thy 5 months ago

38 models

A model represents biological relationship of cell types. Recent additions to publicly available models are...

aging HSC 7 cell types
mSSC Aging paper 2020 Human fetal and adult SSCs 4 cell types
mSSC Aging paper 2020 Mouse SSC lineage 14 cell types
mSSC Aging paper 2020 Mouse Hematopoietic lineages 5 cell types
Geriatric Fx hSSCs 6 cell types
Mrc1 3 cell types

Open Platform

You can submit your private cell type by upload your microarray data, design your model, and share private data with your collaborators. Please open the data to public when your project will be published.

Accelerate Discovery with Confidence

Gene Expression Commons has been used/cited in publications such as...

Hope Gene Expression Commons will accelerate your project, too.